The MyDrives analysis gives an insight into why people do the things they do, in their own, unique way. It enables you to make full use of people’s talents and get the best from yourself and others.

What do you reveal?

MyDrives brings to the surface the hidden drives that can be found in the bottom section of the iceberg, while the visible habits are in the top section. The personal drives under the water influence habitual behaviour above the water.

Positive feeling

When people are in their natural element, they display behaviour that is consistent with their drives. When what lies beneath the surface is attuned to what is above the surface, on balance this generates a positive feeling. If this is not the case, stress is the logical consequence.


What do I want

The MyDrives report illustrates which preferred colours determine an individual’s personality. The aversions can be seen to the right of the iceberg. These are environments and other people’s behaviour which set the person concerned on edge.

The example shows the colour profile of a result-oriented (orange) individual who wants to achieve their goals in a dynamic (red) and innovative (yellow) way. This type of person likes clear agreements, because they help them achieve their orange goals.

This person’s purple aversions reveal that they really struggle with a conservative culture, in which people are mainly stuck in the past. They also struggle with a turquoise (woolly and very contemplative) culture.

MyDrives energy balance

What energizes you? And what doesn’t?

The energy balance indicates which colours energize or drain you. The size of the related sphere indicates the degree to which this is the case. If you’ve had a good week, you’ll sit squarely in the plus side of the energy balance. If the week dragged on too long, the ‘minus’ drives in the energy balance will often dominate.


What is your preferred role?

You will discover your personal preferred roles in the MyDrives analysis. These roles depend mainly on the top colour combinations in the preferred drives.

The preferred roles are the ones that are in your DNA, although you are able to function in other roles. Like everyone else, you can’t be pigeonholed. When you are able to display the behaviour associated with your preferred roles, this aligns with what you genuinely want. Furthermore, you are most likely to enjoy what you’re doing in the long run, and be successful at it.

The triangle clearly illustrates whether somebody is more of a thinker, a doer, or an emotional person. The thinker always takes time to come up with a good solution. The action-oriented doer is always quick to react, while the emotional person relies mainly on their feelings when making a decision.

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Stress pattern

We’re not talking about being a bit busy, but about stress. Full-on stress. Nobody likes it, but we all experience it. The MyDrives analysis gives a crystal-clear insight into the colours that determine how a person thinks and behaves under severe pressure.

MyDrives consultant
Eefje van de Ven

In her role as a happiness manager, Eefje uses her coaching style to increase people’s happiness. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her analytical ability enables her to quickly grasp situations.

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What’s your attitude towards other people?

orange versus turquoise

Think a bit more about yourself. And often I just don’t understand you.

You’re vain and materialistic. I can’t get my head around that.

To be able to communicate effectively and improve working relationships, it is important that you learn to understand the other person better, once you have gained an understanding of yourself. What are the other person’s drives? Do they match your own drives?