MyHabits gives an insight into the colours that are displayed in a person’s behaviour. Over the course of twelve weeks, using text messages, MyHabits offers practical tips for making that behaviour more effective. By pressing pause at crucial moments and exhibiting a different colour variation, MyHabits participants become more flexible in their behaviour and improve their working relationships.


What do I do

The MyHabits 360° questionnaire is based on the MyDrives colour theory, and uses the preferred roles from the MyDrives analysis. It is when a person can display behaviour that is consistent with their personal drives and associated preferred roles that they are most likely to feel energized and get into a state of flow.

Asking various people from a particular environment to complete the MyHabits 360° questionnaire on behaviour gives you a complete picture of the colours exhibited in a person’s behaviour. That isn’t to say the colours that are not apparent won’t ever be displayed. In a different environment, they may well be, as behaviour is always dependent on the individual’s environment.


Thinking differently

Once you have an insight into a person’s drives and the MyHabits 360° behaviour profile, you get a clear picture of their development potential. Personal behaviour is not static. When exposed to new environments, successes, and failures, as people we are able to develop new and different behaviour. It is precisely those colours that are not perceived in a person’s behaviour, because of the environment, that present opportunities for growth and development.

Where cooperation is concerned, it is important that participants are, first and foremost, self-motivated to exhibit different colours in their behaviour. They do this by adapting more consciously to their environment, by pausing at crucial moments and exhibiting a different colour. This makes their behaviour more effective, and improves cooperation with others.


Pausing on habitual behaviour

Pausing on the structured and precise blue drive means not having to stick too rigidly to rules and not getting bogged down in the tiniest details.

Pausing on the analytical and critical yellow drive means asking yourself whether you’re over-complicating things, and whether change really is an improvement.


Doing is the best way of thinking

It sounds simple, deploying new colours when you feel it’s necessary. Figuring out other colours and the associated behaviour sounds simple too. The hard part is putting those steps into practice. This can be really difficult. So, MyHabits sends text messages to nudge participants out of their comfort zone, get them to make independent choices and have the courage to make mistakes. In the process, they experience, in an experimental way, what does and doesn’t work.

Today, keep your opinion about your colleagues to yourself.

Today, tell a colleague you appreciate them for who they are and what they do.

MyHabits consultant
Patrick van Well

Inspiring others and holding up a mirror so that they can move forward is in Patrick’s DNA. He is a real people person and, with his sensitive and intuitive capabilities, is able to get the very best from you.
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