gives people insight

Discover how employees perform better when work with their drives.
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develops individuals and teams

Make individuals and teams more agile, so they work together more effectively.
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selects the right people

Select the best applicants based on drives and capabilities.
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Individual employees and teams who fully exploit their drives and talents are arguably more successful. The colour theory behind MyDrives empowers organizations as a whole to move, and keep moving forwards.

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MyDrives consultant Roland Griek

Using your own drives as the starting point, Ronald develops individuals and teams, drawing on standards and values from the martial arts.

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Insight into drives: improving academic performance

Why will one student settle for a pass while another wants only the best? How come one student enjoys solving maths problems while another can’t wait for the next practical lesson? Why does that one student play up in my class, but none of the other teachers mention the same behaviour in theirs?

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The nature of your beast

Why breaking habits leads to better results.

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