gives people insight

Discover how employees perform better when work with their drives.
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develops individuals and teams

Make individuals and teams more agile, so they work together more effectively.
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selects the right people

Select the best applicants based on drives and capabilities.
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Individual employees and teams who fully exploit their drives and talents are arguably more successful. The colour theory behind MyDrives empowers organizations as a whole to move, and keep moving forwards.

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MyDrives MyHabits-consultants

Curious, enthusiastic and professional. These words fit perfectly with the five new MyDrives MyHabits consultants at Been Management Consulting.

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Greater self-awareness will enable Kellpla to be even more competitive

Kim Frencken-Kelleners wanted to improve self awareness in the organization together with her 50 employees and with the help of MyDrives on the Friday.

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