The MyMatch assessment illustrates with complete clarity whether an applicant’s drives and capabilities are a good match for the vacancy. MyMatch uses 21 behaviour types, which are expressed in specific colours. They map out the desired profile in an instantly recognizable and objective way, to find the perfect match. Objective, not subjective, leaving no room for incorrect interpretations during the recruitment process.

Capabilities = what can I do?

At what level does the applicant think and communicate?

Capabilities are important in order to determine an applicant’s development potential. An applicant with insufficient capabilities for the role will be stretched to their limit, and, sooner or later, will trip themselves up. The risk of being over-capable, however, is that the applicant will soon get bored and may go in search of a new challenge.

Drives = What do I want?

Do the applicant’s drives match the vacancy?

If an applicant’s drives match the required drive profile for a role, that applicant will inherently display the behaviour appropriate to the role. This is important, because mismatches most commonly occur as a result of drives not being a good fit for the role. When this happens, the applicant lacks the intrinsic motivation for that role, and it takes them too much effort to exhibit the required behaviour.

Have a look here how our drives and capabilities assessment works.


The 21 MyMatch behaviour types

MyMatch is all about 21 human behaviour types, which are based on the various combinations of the MyDrives colours. If it’s a sales role, you’re probably looking for the marksman (combination of orange and blue) or the doer (combination of orange and red). Other roles will call for different personalities.

Always bear in mind that nobody is ever entirely one type. Usually, an individual will also have the traits or two or three other behaviour types, to some degree.

What type are you?

Organizations that recruit and select the best people, then make use of personal drives perform better than their competitors structurally.

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