‘Becoming aware of the reasons why somebody does, or does not do or enjoy certain things is a crucial pit stop on the road to personal success. MyDrives MyHabits is like a deep-sea diver, raising the treasures of a person’s psychological ocean to the surface, and reversing the automatic Pavlovian responses in the process. So, rather than being something worth considering, MyDrives MyHabits is a must for anyone who is aspiring to a leadership role.’

Prof. dr. Tjeu Blommaert
Business Economist

‘MyDrives MyHabits is the ultimate method for giving people an understanding of their personal drives and associated behaviour. The colours make the method visually potent and easy to remember. More than that, my departmental colleagues are already talking in colours: ‘We need a structural thinker for this task, somebody with the colour blue.’ Or: ‘We’re looking for a team worker, so there has to be some green.’

Ron van Empel
Director Asset Management Royal HaskoningDHV

‘MyDrives makes people more colourful, literally and figuratively. It is a valid and reliable way of clearly identifying people’s personal strengths. Plus, it’s straightforward. MyDrives is also a good foundation for retaining positive strengths within organizations for the long term.’

Dr. Pim Steerneman
Chairman of the Board at Sevagram

‘The common colour language of MyDrives in itself makes you feel upbeat, even more so when you discover the potential of that language: you recognize your own, and other people’s behaviour in a unique way. Then there are the practical exercises in MyHabits, which make you even more aware of your own behaviour. Moreover, they teach you how to respond to challenging situations in a refreshingly different way.’

Paul Stelder
CEO Antares

‘Companies’ executive boards only really perform at their best when they know and recognize themselves and each other. This creates the optimum conditions for cooperation, and for achieving targets quickly. Payper’s executive board is well aware of this. The structural use of MyDrives MyHabits delivers results. And that’s what it’s all about.’

Edwin Schaap
CEO Payper

‘Making cooperation more effective and speeding up good results. That’s what MyDrives does, by showing you what essentially drives you as an individual, and other people. Drawing on that awareness, MyHabits offers specific guidance on behavioural change, laying the foundations for personal development and embedding that in learning organizations.’

Drs. Harold Lardinois
Director Strategy & Organization Wonen Zuid