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Roland GriekManagerial admirer | Black belt co-brainstormer22 December 2020

I completed both the MyDrives and MyHabits training. Both give me lots of scope to offer people reliable coaching and development. MyDrives analyses are an excellent way to provide insight into someone’s drives. After that, I can use MyHabits to enable people to consciously exhibit different behaviour at crucial moments. Once you’ve obtained the certification, you also get more than ample support to make the most of the knowledge you have acquired.

Stefanie BakkerRecruiter and Career advisor at 2Partners8 December 2020

I followed Marc’s MyDrives training session to become a consultant. Working with Marc is action-oriented red combined with targeted orange. Everything is done with a sprinkling of blue structure, making it a hugely fun and interactive training session.

Andrea De HeerRecruiter and Career advisor at 2Partners10 November 2020

With MyDrives, Marc and Jos provided a lean programme and training session. The approach really appeals to me. It’s humorous and upbeat, whether that’s the personal text in the book, keeping in contact, contributing to opportunities, and the clear explanation of the overall methodology.

Ronald MakHR-manager at Bergschenhoek Groep B.V.14 October 2020

Recently followed the MyDrives training by Marc and Jos! Together, Marc and Jos use their humorous approach to ensure a dynamic training session and take you on a journey through the world of drives. Very interesting and useful! I strongly recommend it!

Anouk MookSenior HR Business Partner at Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V. / MyDrives-consultant13 juni 2020

I did the MyDrives Consultant training with Marc in 2019. The course was fun, informative, and professionally organized. Marc gave us an insight into our own, and other people’s drives. He did this in a very enthusiastic, skilled, and driven way, which really inspired me. It kept the training interesting. I’d certainly recommend it!

Nicole van WieringenHeadhunter | Recruitment | Selection | Executive Search | Advice | MyDrives | Tilburg | Brabant region9 juni 2020

As I believe it is important to keep developing and growing as a professional, I attended an intensive three-day training course run by Marc Stijfs. The course is really well designed and very professionally organized. I can now call myself a certified MyDrives Consultant. But I advise anyone in my field to do this training with Marc. Even if you don’t put it to practical use, you’ll really learn a lot from it as a person. The training has certainly added a new dimension to my professional expertise, because in headhunting and matching, it’s not just about a person’s knowledge and skills, but also his or her drives.

Gioya Kamphuis-van TongerenVan Tongeren & Partners9 juni 2020

MyDrives MyHabits MyMatch: It’s very rare to find a training course which, in such a short space of time, lays such a solid foundation for you to start using a product, and which is amazingly simple and effective, yet offers such wide-ranging possibilities!

Nika FokkingaSupport Team Member HR & Vitality at Bernhoven5 juni 2020

I hugely enjoyed the 3-day MyDrives training. Marc is an enthusiastic and driven trainer, who conveys the theory in a fun and impassioned way. During this interesting training, you learn to recognize your own and other people’s drives and it really pulls you up short when you see how well this works… One thing’s for sure, I will be drawing heavily on these insights, in both my personal and professional life. I recommend this course to everyone!

Birgitte DevosInventor at FiftyFine5 juni 2020

Marc Stijfs has developed an instructive formula, using a combination of online group sessions and home assignments which mean you really do absorb the subject matter and put it into practice. I gained a good insight into myself and my drives but, above all, a better understanding of other people in organizations, thanks to my knowledge of what drives them.

Inge Van der BorghtStoryteller at Qlipp storytelling4 juni 2020

Doing the MyDrives training online is exciting and new for all of us. Within fifteen minutes, we had forgotten that this was also a first for Marc and Jos. They clearly enjoy working together, and share their roles well. Marc keeps on top of everything and ensures that we learn and understand the subject matter in an enjoyable, seamless, and structured way. Jos, meanwhile, keeps an eye on our questions and comments coming in via the chat. We send our homework to him. Basically, they are perfect partners! Now that I’ve obtained my MyDrives certificate, I understand why… With Marc, red and orange make him a proactive, dynamic sort of person and this, supported with his blue, results in an online lesson that is structured and starts and ends on time… Add in Jos’ yellow and you have an analytical and creative spirit in the Zoom team. I’m really happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this training and am delighted that I can now use it to give individuals and teams an insight into their own qualities. If they then gain an understanding of each other’s traits, and can even admire them, that would be the icing on the cake.

Paul RuytersConsultant Sales, MyDrives & Coach at Amplitia4 juni 2020

Given the COVID-19 restrictions, an online version of the MyDrives course was the only option. So we switched to Zoom – and I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical as to how well it would work. Marc and Jos (Crijns) have transformed this potential negative into a positive. The time was put to good use and the atmosphere was great. They were both adept at motivating and inspiring the team of course participants. Rarely have I done a course which inspired me so much, in terms of results and usefulness. I look forward to the next one!

Anja SnijdersAnja Snijders4 juni 2020

Marc’s MyDrives training is an eye-opener. Marc explains to you in detail what drives people and why people behave a certain way in various situations. Marc is a good trainer who kept me hooked from start to finish!

Maurice KleutersSales Manager – sales – customer experience – partner – connector | people manager – team builder – coach – drives11 april 2019

I recently completed the very enjoyable MyDrives training with Marc, and it was a great success. Marc has a nice way of communicating, keeps the training moving at a good pace, and is able to engage the group. Marc is also available outside the training for sparring and advice. He is genuinely interested in helping people. Goal-oriented and to the point is a similarity between us. If you’re interested in people’s drives and want to gain more skills in this area, I wholeheartedly recommend MyDrives and Marc.

Stefan PorreijManager Services at Edis De Recruiters5 maart 2019

At the end of last year, Marc persuaded us to get on board with MyDrives. In January of this year, all of our sales people obtained the MyDrives Certification, and are now MyDrives Consultants. We’re really enthusiastic about the analysis itself, and equally enthusiastic about Marc. I found Marc to be a man who is very driven and is able to switch tracks quickly. He knows his stuff, and is really dedicated to customer retention.

Edmée VerstraelenBalance between humans & results | Amplitude | Unconscious drives | Human Being Management | Coach | HR | Consultant28 februari 2019

Your book, the MyDrives analysis I completed, and the MyDrives Consultant training with all the related materials are superb! It’s a great way to gain insights into yourself and your energy sources, but also into the people around you, and a good basis for working towards amplitude. From now on, that will be my mission… I see lots of inspiring change projects ahead, everyone in flow and AMPLITUDE as the new norm in business!

Hans van der VeldenSenior Investment Advisor at Auréus Vermogen4 juli 2018

I hugely enjoyed the 3-day MyDrives training. Each day went by in a flash, thanks to the great interaction between Marc Stijfs, Jos Crijns and my fellow students. The training was extremely well designed. Marc guided us through the material in a very logical way, while Jos kept everyone on their toes by regularly dotting the i’s. I really recommend this course to everyone!

Ivo van WijkOwner ProTrain | NOBCO certified (Team)Coach | Trainer | Advisor | MyDrives consultant28 juni 2018

A colourful look at your own and other people’s personalities… an intriguing prospect! In May 2018, I did the three-day MyDrives Consultant training run by Marc Stijfs and Jos Crijns, and I absolutely loved it. Marc and Jos explain to you, step by step and in an enjoyable and inspiring way, all the facets of the MyDrives method, and you’re given plenty of guidance on how to apply it in practice. The training is very accessible and practical. There’s lots of scope to practise and experiment so that, on completing the course, you’re properly ready to independently use the tool as a professional. Great job, Marc and Jos!

Marlou HoornstraOffice & HR, certified coach28 juni 2018

It was really informative and fun ‘giving people colours’ during Marc and Jos’ MyDrives training course! Marc is an inspiring, driven trainer who explains things clearly and is really good to listen to. I learned a lot about people’s different drives and the associated behaviour, the preferences, the opposition and how this energizes people: this will be so useful to me, and it makes working with people even more enjoyable! And all of that with a hint of the Limburg landscape and accent: brilliant!

Eva Laura (Eefje) van de Venpeople | movement | growth26 juni 2018

I found Marc to be a very experienced, friendly and organized professional in the area of coaching and recruitment/selection. His knowledge about people, and his experience, are vast! I learned so much from him and Jos during the MyDrives training. Thank you!

Helma Rutten-ReniersHR Manager at De Haan Verhuizingen7 augustus 2017

I did the MyDrives MyHabits MyMatch training to become a MyDrives Consultant in June. Marc was the trainer for the course. I had a hugely informative few days and will undoubtedly put this training to use in my personal and, above all, my professional life. It provides a good insight into the nature of the beast. Marc’s explanations were fascinating and the training was always interesting. Definitely one to recommend!

Saskia van Oppen★ HR Coach at Archipel Zorggroep ★ HumanBeingManagement ★ ACT’or ★17 juli 2017

I recently did the MyDrives MyHabits accreditation training, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the fascinating drives theory, analysing a colour profile and correctly interpreting it for a participant. It offers a candidate a lot of insight into personal preferences, the oppositions, and his or her energy balance. It provides teams with a common language and a good foundation for working together in a respectful way. The training was given by Marc Stijfs, who has an obvious passion, enthusiasm, and energy for what he’s doing. He skilfully alternated theory with fascinating and, above all, fun exercises. I can wholeheartedly recommend Marc’s training and the MyDrives method to everyone!

Ta’Sangka JurgensCoach Self-Organization || Coaching & Training, Team Coaching & Supervised Peer-to-Peer Coaching15 juli 2017

MyDrives is a great analysis tool for shedding light on people’s drives. It’s a great way to lead into a conversation about what matters in life and work. I learned to work with it during the three-day training. Marc made those three days interesting and inspiring. The passion with which he conveys the information about the tool made the training really enjoyable. I found Marc to be a self-aware, ambitious professional whose heart is very much in the right place.

Michiel JanssenHead of HR Process & Systems, implementing SAP Successfactors HRM at ARLANXEO6 juli 2017

I came across the ‘MyDrives’ concept through an acquaintance. What particularly appealed to me was that, rather than focusing on the behaviour a person exhibits (which is what MBTI and many other concepts do), it sheds light on an individual’s drives that ultimately lead to a particular behaviour/action. The consultant training given by Marc was to the point, informal, and very effective. The diversity of the people in the course group resulted in some great practical examples of the various profiles. I expect that I will widely and successfully use MyDrives in the various change processes I will be overseeing in the future.

Corinne MeinsterMeinselect – Owner ✺ recruitment – selection – secondment ✺ construction & real estate ✺ personal approach ✺ 15 juni 2017

I completed the MyDrives training with Marc at the end of last year. It was really interesting! Since then, we have been in regular contact. During this training, I found Marc to be a passionate speaker. He is clear, direct, and very enthusiastic. He is helpful, both during the training and, in particular, afterwards. He is always happy to offer support explaining the MyDrives analyses. All in all, a valuable contact!

Ria van de LisdonkFunctioneel consultant @ Talentsoft9 juni 2017

I was full of enthusiasm and curiosity when I first encountered MyDrives. And I was not disappointed! Really interesting sessions – I learned and witnessed so much. Splitting drives into colours in order to gain a greater insight into the behaviour or others and yourself is very informative. I have noticed on a number of occasions that, as a result of these sessions, my perspective on things has changed for the better. Marc is a serious, pleasant teacher who shows his drive and passion with humour. His enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks, Marc, for the informative exploration of MyDrives MyHabits.

Onno van KerkhofLife Coach at Onno van Kerkhof7 juni 2017

I’m a personal trainer and am just about to open my own gym. For me, MyDrives is an ideal tool for getting more insight into my clients, so that I can coach them even better. MyDrives gives my clients an insight into themselves and their environment. This helps them achieve greater balance in their lives. I’ve found Marc to be a professional and warm person, somebody with a vast knowledge of human drives and behaviour.

Kathelijn BakkerPerformance – L&D – Talent Specialist ♦ Interim Manager ♦ I translate strategy into Performance, L&D and TALENT PROGRAMS1 juni 2017

Last month, I successfully completed the MyDrives Consultant training at Avance/MyDrivesMyHabits, and I really enjoyed it. During the training, I learned a lot about the various drives, how they impact on our behaviour, preferences, where we feel resistance, and what energizes us. Content-wise, I thought the training was very good. I’ve been an internationally certified coach (CPCC) for a number of years, and have completed various courses and training sessions in order to provide my clients with an even better service. The MyDrives training is a very valuable addition to this. It gives me a very practical and thorough tool for giving my clients an ever greater insight into their drives and how best to utilize that knowledge. Marc Stijfs is a very enthusiastic, skilled and likeable trainer. You can tell how experienced and skilled he is in the field of drives and behaviour, and the enjoyment he derives from giving the training is evident. This enthusiasm rubs off on participants. I can wholeheartedly recommend this training!

Noël LemmensER Operations (HR) at Medtronic1 juni 2017

I really enjoyed doing the training as a MyDrives consultant last month. It is a detailed, interactive and multifaceted programme for gaining an insight into your own and other people’s drives. I definitely recommend it! Marc conveys the knowledge in a structured and personal way, making you keen, and able, to quickly apply it in practice.

Janine DiependaalManager Inside Sales & Customer Service at SPX FLOW, Inc.30 mei 2017

I found Marc to be an enthusiastic and passionate trainer, who is able to convey his knowledge effectively and clearly. He makes the time and effort to make things clear, and has a nice presentation style. During the training, he gives practical examples that bring the subject matter to life. In short, a worthwhile investment in myself and for the future.

Paul NouwensAdvisor | Recruitment & Selection | Temporary | Secondment | Finance & Sales Certified MyDrives Consultant | BNI member30 mei 2017

MyDrives gives us the tools we need to deepen our selection process, so we can make even better selections for our clients and professionals. The three-day workshop to become a certified consultant is excellent. The right balance of theory and practice, the right conditions and course materials, and so on. I strongly recommend it!

Thijs MoonenHRM at Linssen Yachts B.V.30 mei 2017

I can recommend the MyDrives course to anyone who works with people. You get an insight into people’s drives, explaining the behaviour they exhibit. Marc has a lot of expert knowledge and his passion is evident when teaching the course, making it a very informative course where you learn together in a secure and fun learning environment.

Linda Heringa – DerksHead of P&O at Kuypers Kessel29 mei 2017

Over the last three Tuesdays, I did the MyDrives course, taught by Marc. They were fascinating, inspiring days! I strongly recommend it for companies that are keen to achieve a genuinely good match between people and organization. Marc is a highly motivating, driven trainer whose enthusiasm really is inspiring. In short: I recommend it!

Ralph ReisingerFacilitator | work, organization, and health at Maasvallei Maastricht29 mei 2017

I recently did the MyDrives consultant training with Marc. It was well put-together and the subject matter was taught with a lot of enthusiasm. Marc knows his stuff. A great product, from a great company. MyDrives responds in an innovative way, with a clever, contemporary and hands-on tool, to the adage ‘the right people in the right place’, and does so in the strong belief that both parties benefit from this. A notion that I can only endorse!

Frans SeijsenerInterim Manager | manufacturing | sales/service organizations23 maart 2017

In February (2017) I was trained by Marc as a MyDrives consultant. Firstly, the analysis gives you more self-insight, which is very useful in a business setting as well as in private situations. Since then, I have done a number of MyDrives analysis for teams, including management teams. The upshot is that people recognize and acknowledge each other’s strengths. The analysis is a very practical method for enabling teams to collaborate more effectively, meaning that organizational goals are achieved more quickly. Marc, thanks for three inspiring days!

Stef MullendersOwner/General Manager/ Independent Entrepreneur at EnSpirit Management Consultancy & Coaching19 maart 2017

I recently did the MyDrives MyHabits Consultant training, given by Marc, whose dedication and expertise are second-to-none. Marc knows his stuff, and I think he’s a breath of fresh air in the training realm: the time flew by and it was a great pleasure to invest this time. It lives up to the advertising claim of ‘3 fantastic days!’. Well done, Marc!

Amanda PaschmannsHR and Payroll Employee at Janssen Distribution Services BV13 maart 2017

In February 2017, I attended the training to become a MyDrives consultant. Marc was one of the instructors. I thought the course was just great, really enjoyable. Plus, the way Marc explained things was very clear, so it was easy to follow and people were triggered to think differently or go that one step further. Again, thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the course and thank you for what was an informative few days.

Paul RulkensHigh Performance Expert | Trusted Advisor | Professional Speaker | International Author15 februari 2017

Marc Stijfs exhibits a unique and potent combination of theoretical background on what drives people, and the practical application of that knowledge to rapidly take organizations to the next level. It is a unique and inspiring experience to see him at work as a speaker, trainer, and trusted advisor: to the point, interactive, and with a lot of humour! If you’re looking for an effective, remarkable, and personal approach to building on your strengths, working with Marc is a gift to your whole organization.

Mattie PeetersDe Denkerij® (drives analysis. Who am I, what do I want?) Strategic analyses.4 januari 2017

The training run by Marc Stijfs for his MyDrives consultants is very thorough. It gives you an in-depth insight into the analysis method which exposes the personal drives that greatly influence your behaviour.

Mark PrenenInterim Project Leader at Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV) via 22graden8 december 2016

‘To deepen my role as a business professional, and enable my business to excel, I got in touch with Marc Stijfs. Being so entrepreneurial and action-oriented, he offered what was an excellent solution for me: the MyDrives MyHabits programmes. After just one meeting, we began collaborating. I instantly got a good feeling, the idea behind it is outstanding, and a detailed concept was ready for me. As well as being exceptionally driven and extremely attentive, Marc is a real motivator. With the right amount of humour, carefully designed programmes, and a very keen eye for detail, he puts the colour in entrepreneurship. As well as the greater depth I was looking for, I gained a fantastic sparring partner, and became more energized to enable my business to excel. If you want to move forward yourself, or are looking for inspiration for your organization from an entrepreneurial person who keeps his promises, I can wholeheartedly recommend Marc.’

Ruud MetsemakersPassion for people16 juni 2016

With Jos Crijns, Marc has continued developing MyDrives and made it visible to the business world in the Netherlands. In my view, MyDrives is a valuable tool for developing individuals, teams, and organizations. I am also grateful to Marc and Jos for giving me a tool that I can use in my professional life.

Carla WijnenHead of HR & Facilities at Museumplein Limburg7 juni 2016

During the NVP session, Marc gave a brief summary of his book/method ‘The Nature of your Beast’, which was very clear and inspiring, not least due to the enthusiastic and personal way in which it was presented. Marc, thank you for an interesting afternoon.

Rob TeneyHRM advisor at Sevagram1 juni 2016

Marc Stijfs was really enthusiastic and inspiring in the way he ran the MyDrives training. In co-creation with Jos Crijns, he has developed a practical tool that benefits people and organizations. In the book ‘The Nature of your Beast’, both men have described, in an accessible way, how drives influence behaviour and how an insight into this can strengthen collaboration, enthusiasm, and results. Great job. Rob Teney

Angelique van den Oever – van der VeldenManager P&O bij DS 80 Verpakkingsmaterialen27 mei 2016

I discovered MyDrives MyHabits, through Marc, a few years ago. I found Marc to be a likeable and driven person who, at a number of internal workshops, explained the theory behind and the practical application of the MyDrives MyHabits analyses with a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm, and in a very clear and engaging way. In my personal development and journey, it helped me greatly to know where my personal drives lie, what energizes me, and how to use this to full advantage. I believe MyDrives offers genuine added value for individuals and teams. That’s why I recently attended the MyDrives training and, as a MyDrives consultant, hope to inspire many other people and businesses to gain valuable insights into themselves and others.

Rob LammersI help organizations move towards being a Blue Enterprise: less sickness absenteeism and from maximum to optimum profits | 1=communication26 mei 2016

At the NVP Limburg meeting, Marc talked about his new book ‘The Nature of your Beast’ with such excitement. His presentation led to a lively discussion which carried on in the bar over drinks and nibbles. Thanks Marc.

Rebekka WinenHR Business Partner at DocMorris26 mei 2016

During an interactive and interesting NVP Limburg meeting, I listened to Marc’s story with a great deal of interest. Through his book ‘The Nature of your Beast’, I discovered the practical approach to Graves’ theory. The tool’s simplicity and practicality makes it valuable not just for professionals interested in behavioural science and change management, but also for students!

Rob RademakersProgram Consultant at Solvus | MSP26 mei 2016

On Wednesday 25 May 2016, I attended an interesting meeting of the NVP department in Limburg, at which Marc talked about his book ‘The Nature of your Beast’. It is a clear and structured story, which you can use as an individual, team, and organization. Terrific!

Lien (Gewoon Lien)Coach, trainer and HRM specialist26 mei 2016

Marc developed the MyDrives MyHabits concept based on his irrepressible curiosity about the theory and his quest for perfection I found Marc to be someone who is keen to share and disseminate knowledge, to make the world a better, more efficient place. The book ‘The Nature of your Beast’ that he subsequently published on the concept is a gem, and a must-have for any organization.


Marc, so many recommendations! Best of all, everything that has been written is true. If you want to do MyDrives MyHabits, get in touch with Marc. If you need convincing, e-mail or call me! Whatever you choose, either choice will enrich you. Patrick

Allan Torben-NielsenBuilding the best psychological tests3 augustus 2015

The MyDrives MyHabits idea may well be the most original concept I’ve seen in recent years. It seems simple, but there’s a lot behind it. Other pluses: a superb layout that is also functional. And a very driven trainer in Marc. It’s a sure-fire formula for success.

Leny JoostenHRM Advisor at Wonen Zuid / MyDrives Consultant28 juli 2015

I really enjoyed the training with Marc as a MyDrives consultant. Marc is able to convey the story behind MyDrives MyHabits in an inspiring and accessible manner and with a great deal of enthusiasm, making its added value instantly apparent: what drives me as a person, and what does that mean in practice for the way we work together? It’s a particularly effective, down-to-earth concept!

Leonard PolmanSenior HR Manager at Freelancers United HR27 juli 2015

I’ve known Marc for quite a number of years and have enjoyed various collaborations with him. He is a customer-focused sales manager but, above all, a great guy who is always working on the next step in service delivery. The passion and enthusiasm that Marc brings to his work are downright infectious and an example to many. What’s more, in MyDrives MyHabits, he has developed a great tool that supports customers with improving collaboration, team development/composition, leadership styles, and organizational performance. The programme’s ease of use and the huge pay-off for individuals and organizations makes it a must-discover for all kinds of organizations. Marc is able to explain the benefits of the programme in a very persuasive way.

Michiel DuboisManaging Director at GARBE Institutional Capital24 juli 2015

As part of our efforts to improve the quality of our business operations, we recently further optimized our processes via interactive workshops. However, not everybody experiences or interprets processes the same way, as we all have different drives and habits. To get more of a handle on the interpretation of processes and how they are handled, we ran through Avance’s MyDrives programme to analyse the drives of individual colleagues. As habits can be changed, we then did Avance’s MyHabits programme, which includes exercises to change behaviour in order to improve collaboration. We have no hesitation in recommending both of Avance’s programmes – under Marc Stijfs’ excellent leadership. They quickly gave us a lot of insight into individual drives, and colleagues now understand far better how identical processes are sometimes experienced or interpreted differently by other colleagues, and how to adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Ron Empel, vanSenior Consultant Asset- and Maintenance Management at Royal HaskoningDHV16 juli 2015

Senior Consultant Asset and Maintenance Management at Royal HaskoningDHV
I first encountered MyDrives and MyHabits through Avance and Marc. Marc really got me excited about Graves’ ideas by the way in which he implemented those ideas in our department and the way he trained me as a MyDrives Trainer. Great job!

Miranda TheuwisMobility Advisor at WML | CMI-C certified and Noloc accredited career professional | MyDrives Consultant23 juli 2015

I was really enthused by the three-day MyDrives Consultant training. We were guided through the colourful world of MyDrives with professionalism and a great deal of passion. Marc is able to convey the subject matter in an appealing way, gets trainees to do plenty of exercises, and makes sure that they are well equipped to independently carry out the analyses. For me, the MyDrives are a perfect starting point for careers advice.

Peter JanssenTax Advisor RSM | Netherlands | Partner | Cross-border activity | Sports entertainment23 juli 2015

MyDrives has been a tremendous help to us when recruiting new people. Both the assessment of a person’s individual drives, and how those individual drives fit into the rest of the team, make it highly likely you will find a perfect match! I’ve benefited a lot more from it than I expected!

Lon CimmermansInterim Strategic Communication Advisor Organizational Development (part-time) at the Municipality of Roermond21 juli 2015

I found Marc to be an enthusiastic and inspiring MyDrives MyHabits expert. Marc is able to translate MyDrives MyHabits into a workable, personal analysis in a clear and, above all, appealing way. They are genuine learning moments for anyone who is interested in personal development and team building. Partly due to Marc’s influence, I decided to train as a MyDrives trainer/consultant myself, and to use MyDrives MyHabits as the analysis standard at Strategie & Co.

Linde PetersOwner | Organizational Advisor at TWST23 februari 2015

I was put in touch with Marc by a joint business connection. I’d come across drive analyses previously, but was really impressed by the clear and fun format of MyDrives MyHabits. The little cards/business cards with your personal colour profile are particularly good conversation-starters. A breath of fresh air compared with other analyses. The practical MyHabits proves is a unique product. The specific assignments by text message don’t take long, but have a big impact. I feel Marc to be a driven person, with eclectic interests, constantly on the search for innovation and new collaborative ventures. Without losing sight of his own business results, he seeks genuine collaboration. I hope we can work together again in future.

Louise EngbersPersonal Coach16 oktober 2014

I advise anyone who wants to get to know themselves better to do the MyDrives MyHabits workshop. It gives you surprising and usable insights into yourself and others, plus it’s really exciting to do. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who manages people. Marc gives an enthusiastic, entertaining workshop with excellent content. He inspires people with his story and gives people new insights. From start to finish, his presentation is fascinating. It gave me renewed energy in all respects. In short, do it!

Herm SchreursIndependent Electrical Hardware Engineer | EPLAN | ProPanel | Professional photographer4 juli 2014

The entire MyDrives process that we went through with Marc Stijfs was really well organized, very professionally run, and expertly explained to the whole team. I really enjoyed the MyDrives certification process that we went through afterwards. The training is really fun and the learning material is clear and easy to follow.

Peter van HussenLife Coach at Lundcoaching b.v.25 juni 2014

Marc Stijfs is an engaging personality whose enthusiasm really gets you interested in MyDrives/MyHabits. During the MyDrives consultant training, his vast knowledge of the various drives and their colours and underlying traits was very apparent. He has a very clear teaching style, which made the training days really engaging and informative. It’s not just the mirror that’s held up to you that’s so enlightening; the guidance on how to put this method into practice on the market was also invaluable.

Edwin SchaapI am the constant in flexible work | CEO Payper B.V.7 januari 2014

Companies’ management boards function at the best when they know and recognize each other and themselves. This makes for the best possible working relationships and places goals within reach. As the new management of Payper, we are acutely aware of this. Marc plays an important role in this with MyDrives MyHabits. Marc is direct, clear, and result-oriented. This combination gives us everything we need to continually optimize our crucial collaboration as a management board. The ultimate goal is always to perfectly meet our customers’ needs, both now and in future. Collaborating with Marc isn’t a one-off – the systematic use of MyDrives MyHabits delivers results. And that’s what it’s all about.

Geert VermoteDirector Finance & Administration – HP Pelzer nv19 september 2013

MyDrives, MyHabits is a perfect instrument to analyse the personality of your (management) team which can improve as well as the internal communication as to reach the target. Marc is an expert of MyDrives, MyHabits.

Rik StifkensFreelance HR Manager at hr services rik stifkens6 augustus 2013

I had the chance to go through the MyDrives / MyHabits test and I have to admit I was surprised by the quality and level of detail of the feedback provided. Definitely a worthy tool to increase team effectiveness!

John van HaeffManager Organisch Attero24 juli 2013

MyDrives is a practical way of gaining an insight into when employees and/or teams come into their own.

Marc DaemenPartner at Crowe Foederer31 mei 2013

Marc is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who, through MyDrives MyHabits, is able to identify employees’ drives. The method also looks at an individual’s behaviour. Marc then sets about disrupting fixed patterns. Alignment between drives on the one hand and behaviour on the other is very important in understanding the extent to which people and employees can work together and as part of a team. It’s important for virtually all organizations and enterprises if they are to achieve the best possible result!

Steven BroerenOwner/Creation Zichtbaar Reclame Adviesbureau29 november 2012

At a special gathering, Marc Stijfs surprised our young and enterprising members of Jong Management Arnhem Nijmegen with an inspiring story. His theory sees successful people in technicolour. We discovered how we become a better manager by gaining a better understanding of the people with whom we work.

Harrie V.Manager HR / Payroll / HPO at Mayfran International (Europe)3 maart 2010

Let me begin by stating that, having read all other recommendations, I did recognize Marc as the professional ‘in all of the above’. But, in my humble opinion and experience, there is more. A quality, that goes beyond his professional competences. His distinctive, personal style, which, vision and action oriented, left me with a distinguished impression. An impression, that echoes through our professional landscape in order to become, even after many years, ‘loud’ again. Although, occasionally, comfortably enjoying the silence, Marc’s echo is well appreciated. And even, when he is not the one ‘to get in charge’, Marc’s influence is crucial for the ultimate success.

Mathijs MennenRA. | RSM | Netherlands | Accountants and Tax Advisors Risk Management | Interim Services | Deal Making M&A3 maart 2010

I came to appreciate Marc as a very committed service provider with great drive. He has great integrity in business, and a good sense of what constitutes value for money. Mathijs Mennen

Henk van TijenIndependent Consultant at Bitcoin FM23 oktober 2009

In recent years, I’ve come to know Marc as a reliable, active entrepreneur with refreshing ideas. But he always has his feet firmly on the ground, knowing that every last detail of the processes has to be just right. I therefore have high expectations of MyDrives and wish Marc every success with it! ~henk