MyDrives certification

Over the course of a three-day training course, you learn how to occupy your own, distinctive place within your company. The subjects covered are: looking at and approaching situations differently, strengthening relationships, improving communication, empowering groups and teams to excel. After successfully completing the training, you can also independently conduct MyDrives analyses.

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Who’s it for?

The three-day MyDrives training is aimed at individual professionals who want to get even better. However, it is equally suited to a result-oriented HR manager or director, looking to get ahead with their department or organization. More specifically: a thinker will enrich their knowledge and gain fresh insights. A doer will get practical tips and examples on putting the MyDrives theory into practice. And an emotional person will learn how better to understand their social environment and the emotions that triggers.

Our lead generator: boosting your business

Are you a self-employed professional and looking to expand your client base? As a certified MyDrives consultant, you have exclusive access to our digital lead generator. By using marketing automation software and the corresponding reward programme, we raise awareness of your services and help to grow your network. For example, we generated over 150 leads in two months for a recruitment agency and over 350 leads in less than six months for an executive coach. MyDrives consultants can use the lead generator free of charge. If you want to know more about our lead generator, feel free to get in touch with us.


Get quickly started with MyDrives Analyses

€ 950,-


  • A three day in-person training on location
  • A life-long certification to individually deploy MyDrives analyses
  • Access to our digital environment
  • Access to 2 types of Team-profiles at no extra cost
  • No mandatory minimum purchases or annually recurring costs
  • The best personal service & support
  • 1 credit (worth €109.-)
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most popular

Access to all our assessments in order to get the best out of individuals and teams

€ 1.950,-

Everything included in Starter +

  • Certification to employ the MyHabits 360° feedback-analysis
  • Access to MyMatch, including our capacity-test
  • Your own personal mini-scan lead generator
  • Personally branded reports
  • Total of 3 credits (worth €327,-)
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best Value

Get deeper insights through the use of clever AI software

€ 2.450,-

Everything included in Professional +

  • Access to Analytics AI:
    • Our newest innovation based on ChatGPT4
    • Ask specific questions about profiles
    • Better insights into teams
  • Unlimited generation of AI reports
  • Total of 6 credits (worth €654,-)
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Develop high-performance teams and organizations

€ 3.450,-

Everything included in Expert +

  • Send micro-triggers through the MyHabits SMS-module
  • An extra day of personal coaching or participation in our high performance-training (worth €695,-)
  • Total of 10 credits (worth €1090,-)
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What do other people say?

MyDrives consultant
Eefje van de Ven

In her role as a happiness manager, Eefje uses her coaching style to increase people’s happiness. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her analytical ability enables her to quickly grasp situations.

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MyHabits certification

The MyHabits training is exclusively for MyDrives consultants. This training teaches you to take your interaction with others and your work as part of a team to the next level, by ‘Thinking differently’, ‘Pausing’, and ‘Doing differently’. Upon successfully completing the training, you gain the MyHabits certificate, and get access to our digital SMS environment. From there, you can schedule your customized tasks and send out MyHabits 360° questionnaires. The participation fee is €1,000, exclusive of VAT.