Become a MyDrives consultant

During the three-day training course that trains you to become a certified MyDrives consultant, you’ll learn how to use the MyDrives analysis to empower teams and individuals. You’ll be introduced to the seven drives that the MyDrives methodology is based on, how each reacts under pressure and practical information about how to get started with the 21 preferred roles.

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Personal development

This means you’ll become a specialist in interpreting and presenting MyDrives colour profiles and working with team profiles. The training will also help you develop personally. You’ll learn to reflect, discover what your strengths and weaknesses are and understand why you get along perfectly well with one person but not with another.

Free use of training materials

After successfully completing the training course, you’ll receive access to the MyDrives digital environment. This is where you can invite participants to fill in the MyDrives questionnaires and create group profiles. Good to know: the MyDrives questionnaire is available in seven languages, and you can use all training materials free of charge.

First-class support

You’ll receive first-class support, as you can see in this testimony by Sylvia Roovers, organizational psychologist at Klavergoud: ‘Even after completing the course, the MyDrives team members help you think about things, and you’re welcome to ask any questions you may have. In short, MyDrives is an extremely valuable methodology offered by an organization that delivers on its promises.’

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